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Meeting: December 10, 2013
Due to inclement weather all Baltimore County recreation programs are cancelled and all Senior Centers are closed on Tuesday, December 10, 2013.
Therefore, the Baltimore Civil War Roundtable meeting scheduled for tonight, Tuesday, December 10, 2013 has been cancelled.
Earle Hollenbaugh, President

Our speaker will be Wayne Motts.

Opened in 2001, The National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is the largest museum in the country dedicated to telling the complete story of the war from the viewpoint of both sides. The museum holds more than 4,000 three dimensional artifacts and over 21,000 archival items including manuscripts, diaries, letters, photographic images, newspapers, and correspondence dating from 1861-1865. Join the museum’s new CEO Wayne Motts on a journey of the history of the war illustrated by some of the nations’ rarest surviving Civil War artifacts in the museum’s collection.
Wayne Motts


Meeting: November 26, 2013
Our speaker will be our own President Earle Hollenbaugh. Originally from Northern New York, Earle has been the Newsletter editor for over the last decade. He has also served the Roundtable as Vice-President and as a Member of the Board of Directors. Earle is a retired Analyst for the Federal Government and a long-time Catonsville resident. In addition to his Civil War related activities Earle is also a talented musician/singer and an avid golfer.

Earle will be providing a PowerPoint presentation on Confederate General George Hume Steuart and the Steuart family of Maryland.

he first Steuart (George Hume) immigrated to America in 1721. The family soon established themselves as powerful and influential Marylanders. Members served as commanders of the militia, as well as mayors and even a Maryland Governor. The family’s fortunes were almost completely destroyed as a result of their support of the Confederate Government and service in the Confederate Army.
Confederate Major General George Hume “Maryland” Steuart

Confederate Major General George Hume
“Maryland” Steuart

Meeting: October 22, 2013
Our speaker will be Angie Atkinson. Angie Atkinson will be presenting "The Bureau of Military Information," a PowerPoint program focusing on the intelligence gathering organization within the Army of the Potomac. Organized by General Joseph Hooker, this small, yet important, group of men were able to infiltrate the Confederate army to gather knowledge, interrogate prisoners and complete cover operations to try and ensure victory for the Union. This program will focus on the history of the BMI as well at its use during the Gettysburg Campaign.

Mrs. Atkinson has worked for the National Park Service for the past 13 years in places such as Independence National Historical Park, Vicksburg National Military Park, Natchez National Historical Park and Gettysburg National Military Park. She hold a BA in History from Shippensburg University and recently completed her MA in Applied History from the same university. She currently lives in Fairfield, PA with her husband Matt and their son Ben.
Col. George Henry Sharpe
Col. George Henry Sharpe

Meeting: September 24, 2013

Our speaker will be Theresa Chevery. Theresa has been a member of the Chesapeake Civil War Roundtable since 2001, serving variously for nine of those years as Secretary/Treasurer, Vice-President and President. 

The explosion and sinking of the Sultana is the worst maritime disaster in US History, however, it remains relatively unknown.  Because it happened at the end of the war, it was over-shadowed by other events -- most especially the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the search for his killer, John Wilkes Booth.  Of the approximate 1700 people that lost their lives that night, the majority of them were recently released from Andersonville and Cahaba prisoner of war camps, but there were civilians also.  There were many reasons the Sultana sank that night and that story, along with the stories of many who perished as well as those who survived and witnessed the disaster should be more widely known.


August 2013 - No meeting

Meeting: July 23, 2013
Our speaker will be Lester Brooks. Lester Brooks was reared in Cleveland, Ohio; earned a Ph.D. in history from the University of Michigan. In 1982 he began teaching U.S. History, Civil War Era, and African American History at Anne Arundel Community College. Dr. Brooks is Program Coordinator of the Chesapeake Civil War Roundtable. He also teaches continuing education classes on the Civil War that combine lectures with battlefield visits.

Dr. Brooks will discuss Sherman’s capture of Atlanta.
Sheman in front of Atlanta

Meeting: June 25, 2013
Our speaker will be the inimitable Wayne Schaumburg. Wayne has been giving illustrated lectures on Baltimore History for over 20 years, covering a variety of topics from architecture to the Civil War. For the last eighteen years, he has led tours through Baltimore’s landmark Greenmount Cemetery.

Born and raised in the Waverly section of Baltimore, Wayne Schaumburg graduated from Baltimore City College in 1964. He attended Towson University, majoring in both history and geography. Wayne also holds a Masters Degree in history from Morgan State University and a Masters of Liberal Arts Degree from Johns Hopkins University.

He has taught social studies in the Baltimore City School system for 36 years and is currently assigned to the Upton School (#303). In addition, Wayne teaches part-time for Baltimore County Community Education, Roland Park Country School, Harford Community College, Auburn Society at Towson University and the Evergreen Society at Johns Hopkins University.

Wayne will present a slide show as part of his continuing series examining Baltimore people and places during the Civil war. If you have never seen Wayne speak, you owe it to yourself to make this meeting.

Wayne Schaumburg

Wayne Schaumburg

Meeting: May 28, 2013
Our speaker will be our own Board Member Lee Hodges. His topic is:Desertion in the Civil War.

Lee will address, among other questions: How many desertions were there? Who was likely to desert? What were some of the motivations for deserting? How did soldiers desert and where did they go after doing so? What actions did the Union and Confederate governments take to combat it? Finally, what effect did desertion have on the war?

"Lee has been a member of the BCWRT since 2003. He has been extremely interested in the Civil War since early childhood. He graduated from the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) with a B.A. and M.A. in history, with particular emphasis on American history and the U.S. presidency. Lee serves as Research and Analysis Specialist for the Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans (PAAIA), a nonpartisan organization dedicated to promoting awareness of issues of interest to the Iranian-American community.  Lee is a pianist and composer, and graduated from the University of Maryland College Park with a Bachelor of Music degree in piano performance. Lee is also a writer and has had articles published in Washington Opera Magazine, among other publications.  Lee spoke to the BCWRT in October 2011, giving a talk on the battle of Olustee, Florida.


Meeting: April 23, 2013

Our speaker this month is Professor Dave Booz.

The Battle of Chancellorsville was a landmark engagement in the history of warfare. It served as perhaps the single greatest example of Robert E. Lee’s tactical genius and Stonewall Jackson’s troop leadership. But Chancellorsville ultimately turned out to be a devastating blow to the future of the Confederacy.

Dave Booz is an adjunct professor in the Civil War Era Studies department at Gettysburg College. He teaches at McDaniel College and Carroll Community College as well. He spent 30 years as an educator in the Carroll County, Maryland system and also works for the American Institute for History Education. He is also active in the North-South Skirmish Association and shoots competitively with Civil War firearms. He currently resides with his wife, Barbara, near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Professor Booz will provide a discussion on the Battle of Chancellorsville accompanied by a Powerpoint presentation.
Lee - Jackson Statue, Baltimore, Maryland
Lee - Jackson Statue, Baltimore, Maryland

Meeting: March 26, 2013

Date: March 26, 2013

Time: Cocktail Hr. - 6:00, Dinner: 7:00 p.m.

Place: Parkville Heritage Gardens, Parkville Shopping Ctr,

Harford and Taylor Ave.

This month is The Baltimore Civil War Roundtable Annual Dinner. Our speaker will be Scott Hartwig David Scott Hartwig was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1955 and grew up in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, outside of Philadelphia. He attended the University of Wyoming in Laramie, Wyoming from 1974   1979, graduating in 1978. While attending the university he studied under, and grew to know quite well, E. B. "Pete" Long, a wonderful man possessed with an astounding knowledge of the Civil War.

n 1979 Hartwig accepted a seasonal position with the National Park Service at Gettysburg NMP. In the summer of 1980 he began work as a full-time historical interpreter at the Eisenhower NHS. He transferred to Gettysburg NMP in 1981, and in 1988 was promoted to Supervisory Park Ranger. In 1994 he was promoted to Supervisory Park Historian.

Scott will give a slide presentation on the Battles for South Mountain.
Scott Hartwig
Scott Hartwig 

Meeting: February 26, 2013
Our speaker will be BCWRT Honorary Life member Courtney Wilson.

This month the Baltimore Civil War Roundtable welcomes the return of Courtney B. Wilson as our speaker. Mr. Wilson will once again be offering informal appraisals and discussions regarding Civil War Collectibles. Almost everyone has some Civil War artifact that you have always wondered how much it may be worth; or just what is it? We encourage you to bring those items to the meeting this month for Courtney’s inspection and appraisal.

Mr. Wilson holds a Masters Degree in American History. A lifelong student of military history and memorabilia he has worked the field of history throughout most of his career. First with the National Park Service, then as the president of a military antiques and appraisal firm, to his current position as the Director of the B+O Railroad Museum in Baltimore. He is the only 2 time winner of the Academy Award for Tourism Professional of the Year (2004 and 2007). Mr. Wilson is a Brigadier General in the Maryland National Guard and commands the 350 officers and enlisted men of the Maryland Defense Force.

Courtney B. Wilson

Meeting: January 22, 2013

Our speaker will be former President Bob Mullauer.

Bob was a high school history teacher for over a decade. He currently teaches evening courses at Anne Arundel Community College in addition to speaking to a variety of groups on topics such as the American Civil War in the Western Theater, World War II in the Pacific, and the Napoleonic Wars. He has led United States Army officers on staff rides over the Chickamauga and Chattanooga battlefields. Besides Civil War battlefields, his travels include tours of World War II battlefields in the Pacific as well as Normandy, the Bulge, Verdun, and various Napoleonic sites in Europe.

Bob will present a discussion and slide show on George Thomas and the Battle of Chicamauga.

General George H. Thomas

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