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Meeting: March 28, 2017

Our speaker will be David Craig. He will discuss his new book Greetings from Gettysburg. This pictorial history tells the story of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania through 160 beautiful postcards, memorializing important and noteworthy scenes from the Civil War battlefield.

Craig, an avid deltiologist (postcard collector) who earned his bachelor's degree in history from Towson State College in 1971 became interested in Gettysburg while he was a student working on his master's degree in U.S. history at Morgan State University. During that time he began amassing a collection of books on Gettysburg - it now contains more than 75 volumes - to write his thesis on Gettysburg Gen. James J. Archer.

David R. Craig serves as the Secretary of the Maryland Department of Planning, which oversees the Maryland Historic Trust and historic preservation. He is also Head of the Maryland World War I Centennial Commission.



Meeting: February 28, 2017
Our speaker will be Gregg Clemmer. He will discuss the life and career of Confederate General Edward “Alleghany” Johnson.

Gregg Clemmer is a native of Virginia's Shenandoah Valley and a graduate of Virginia Tech. A writer and historian of eclectic interests, Clemmer thrives on chronicling obscure, disparate subjects, everything from the manufacturing history of miners' carbide lamps to the evolution of expedition cave camps. Resigning from medical school in his third year, Clemmer went on to pioneer solar electricity, fight urban sprawl, champion American heritage, and search for the world's deepest cave. He is an eloquent speaker and a gifted storyteller and has appeared on MSNBC, Fox News, and CBS Radio.

Free from the "publish or perish" shackles of academia, Clemmer pursued Maj. Gen. Ed Johnson's never-told, extraordinary story despite colleagues' warnings of little original source material. Clemmer's diligent research over a dozen years discovered two notable caches of Johnson letters and a treasure trove of primary records. His resultant biography, Old Alleghany: The Life and Wars of General Ed Johnson is the definitive history of the man.
Clemmer is the author of numerous newspaper and magazine articles and among his four books is the acclaimed Valor in Gray: The Recipients of the Confederate Medal of Honor. He lives in Hunt Valley, Maryland with his wife Linda.

Edward “Alleghany” Johnson CSA

Meeting: January 24, 2017
Our speaker will be Michael Schaffner.

Michael Schaffner has a life-long interest in military history with a particular focus on the American civil war. He brings to his subject insights from three decades as a federal manager and fifteen years experience as a re-enactor in many roles and ranks, both blue and gray, as well as a member of the USCT Living History Association, an officer with Company B, 54th Massachusetts, and a volunteer at the African-American Civil War Museum in Washington.  The crux of his current research centers on the decisive impact of African-American soldiers and civilians on the outcome of the civil war.

As a writer, Mr. Schaffner's publications include the novel War Boys, the poetry collection The Good Opinion of Squirrels, poems in Shenandoah, Prairie Schooner, Beloit Poetry Journal, Agni, and Poetry Ireland, as well as articles in Columbia’s Torch, Camp Chase Gazette, and Kevin Levin's blog Civil War Memory.


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Join the Baltimore Civil War Roundtable to receive the complete edition of "The Old Liner"!