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Robert Ford, President
Ray Atkins
Treasurer, BCWRT
1204 Fordham Ct.,
Belair, MD 21014


Annual Dues Notice

Dues for the Baltimore Civil War Roundtable are due at the beginning of each Calendar Year. Please make check payable to
and mail to:
Ray Atkins, 1204 Fordham Ct., Belair, MD 21014 410-879-8828

NAME ____________________________________________$20 IND ___ $30 FAM ___ PHONE ___________


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Note: If you would like your membership card mailed to you please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Otherwise, you can pick it up at the meeting.

I would like to have the BCWRT Newsletter sent via the USPS. 
I understand the yearly subscription cost is $15.00. __________